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The Clikwise Organization completes Business Research and Academic Research in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • The Virtual Organization
  • Information Systems
  • Teaming
  • Ethics
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability 
  • Entrepreneurship


Knowledge Management’s Role in Organization Maturity in Project Management


In this paper, we review knowledge management's role in project management (PM). The authors speculate that knowledge management is an indicator of organizational maturity project management. This is as an organization increases its maturity in PM, it uses both informal and formal channels for knowledge transfers between the firm's actors. The researchers used an online survey and telephone interview process to collect data. The data showed that there was a positive relationship between knowledge management and organization maturity in project management.

Issues and Effective of CRM


The author reviews the integrity of setup Customer Relationship Management systems, the use of CRM through marketing and their integration with other systems. The importance of using artificial intelligence namely Artificial Intelligence Target Marketing (AITM) utilizing electronic means such as email and tailored websites. There is a review of the problems organizations have with customer contact through electronic means such as email and selectable opt-in/opt-out methodologies such as wishlists and target marketing. 

Strategic Information Systems Planning: Making a Virtual Choice


In this paper the author explores the information systems strategic position of organizations that choose to change from a traditional organizational construct to a virtual one. The author aids the reader though the necessities of developing and aligning the IS strategic position with the business strategic position when making the organizational change

Managing Workplace Conflict in the Virtual Organization



Conflict management in virtual organizations and their teams is becoming one the most important issues for organizations, teams and their management. In this paper, the author reviews the conflict management issues surrounding virtual organizations and teams as well as the tools and techniques to mitigate them and how to use traditional techniques their adaptation to the virtual organization.

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