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The Project Management Office (PMO)

The Clikwise Organization (CWO) helps you to improve the way your people conduct themselves by working smarter.  We work with your team and other experts to help you maintain a reputation.  We deliver consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise made up of dedicate in Project , Risk, Process, and Management Professions that support your organization.  We take existing companies create or streamline their processes to become more efficient thus reducing project implementation cost, performance, and delivery and include:

  • Processes,
  • Procedures,
  • Guidelines,
  • Templates,
  • Governance,
  • OPM3(R)
  • Training, Coaching, and Mentoring and/or
  • Software Tools and Platforms,

which drive your organization to excellence in project delivery.  With our services you

  • Processes, Procedures and Guidelines, which help you to drive your self managed
  • Templates and Procedures, which aid you in refining your current practice;
  • Governance Models in creating a new PMO or refining the established PMO Service and develop an integrated approach to Portfolio, Program and/or Project Management practices;
  • Provide you with either a self-managed and/or CWO managed Virtual Project/Program Management Office (vPMO) at the department, division and/or enterprise level.

CWO embraces excellence and we use only Project Managers are all PMP(R) Certified and have the experience needed to take your company to the next level.

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Process, Procedures, Guidelines and Policies Integration


Business Process Standardization aims to unify the procedures in organizations that use different practices to do the same process.

This way, it is possible to achieve what’s called componentization, which is nothing more than the re-use of processes. Business Process Standardization, according to the Productivity Press Development Team (2002), is defined as a process that involves:

  • Setting the Standard
  • Reporting the Standard
  • Establishing adherence to the Standard
  • Encouraging the continuous improvement of the standard

The main results of Business Process Standardization are:

  • Cost reductions
  • Company training culture
  • Increased transparency
  • Variability reduction

We deliver standardization as well as good and best practices of the organization and of the project, program, and portfolio management industries.  We can implement a self-managed, CWO®, or hybrid PMO, ePMO or a vPMO to help standardize your activities to maximize transparency, integrated reporting and process best practices.  Or just help your individual project managers deliver standardize information reporting to your enterprise leadership for companies of all sizes.


We have a battery of business, project management, requirements, information technology and other application area templates to support your PMO.  You can purchase just the templates for your PMO and practice, or purchase other services to enhance your work activities.  Some of our templates have automation.

Centers of Excellence

The goal of PM Center of Excellence is to transform project management at your organization though building a strong association between your entrprise body of project managers and with others outside the organizaiton, management, leadership and knowledge domains. The PM COE creates workgroups that promote the sharing of project management best practices and provide educational opportunities to enhance project management knowledge throughout the organization.

The example of PM COE Workgroups are:

  • Value of Project Management Workgroup – This Workgroup is focused on PM guidelines for organizations to promotion of PM as critical to project success.
  • Education & Training Workgroup – This Workgroup is focused on defining no/low cost education options and re-defining the requirements.
  • Tools & Templates Workgroup – This Workgroup is organizing the PM document repositories, Lessons Learned and Best Practices.

Then reintroducing those activities within your organization.

Coaching, Mentoring and Training

Corporate Training

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  The Clikwise Organization's core belief is that in knowledge organizations—the chief organizational asset is the people who work within it. Each individual of the organization possesses an exclusive reservoir of data, information, skills, and experiences of processes and culture that are valuable to the corporation. These are critical assets that are tacit in nature but when they are nurtured and actively cultivated, create opportunities that facilitate channels for the practice codify these a

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