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Did you know that CWO® learning offers coaching and side-by-side mentoring in the areas of Project Management, Agile Implementation and Business Analysis and for your business? 

Even if your employees have not taken CWO® learning classes, we invite to take advantage of our coaching and mentoring services to help move your business forward. And if you've already hosted onsite CWO® learning classes at your organization, coaching and mentoring can be the next step to develop the skills your team members have learned.


We offer Training in:

  • Project Management
  • PMP Certification Exam Prep 
  • MS Project 
  • MS Project Server

We also offer Coaching and Mentoring in Project Management

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Helping You to Generate Value from Your Intellectual and Knowledge-Based Assets®

  The Clikwise Organization's core belief is that in knowledge organizations—the chief organizational asset is the people who work within it. Each individual of the organization possesses an exclusive reservoir of data, information, skills, and experiences of processes and culture that are valuable to the corporation. These are critical assets that are tacit in nature but when they are nurtured and actively cultivated, create opportunities that facilitate channels for the practice codify these a

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