Microsoft Project Server® Implementations & Management

MS Project Server® 

Microsoft extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project® with their Project Server® (MSPS) and Project Web App® (PWA). It allows for the centralization of Portfolio, Program and Project Management (PPPM) on an enterprise-wide software application platform.  The benefits of a MSPS implementation allows for the pull communication of real-time PPPM status, management and knowledge sharing.  It can be implemented locally to the enterprise or in the cloud.   

We at CWO®  will implement, integrate in to your PMO processes and train your staff.  Or we can implement a turnkey solution and tailor to your organizational needs. 

MS Project Server®  Highlights

MS Project Server is built on the MS SharePoint®  Framework and stores project information in a central SQL Server database and protected it from unauthorized access and corruption.   The security can be completely integrated into Active Directory and Azure in your corporate data centers or in the cloud.

The Project Center supports reports across an organization at the project level. Managers can drill down into project details. Tasks, Projects and Resources can have Enterprise Custom Fields defined (similar to Custom Fields in the Microsoft Project desktop application).

The project manager needs to communicate project plans and to distribute task assignments to team members. The assignment of tasks can be distributed to team member home pages in PWA. They need to communicate status and changes to keep the project manager up to date. Project Server supports electronic communication over the web via PWA. Team members can update their tasks' status via PWA and the My Tasks list or via a Time Sheet.

Resource workloads can be analyzed by project and by resource with the Resource Center, allowing organizations to forecast future resource requirements and make more efficient use of resources.

The view definition is easier to understand and more robust with PWA than with Microsoft Project. Views can be protected to assist standardization. Project Server stores custom calendars, views, tables, filters, and fields, in an Enterprise Global area where users have access to the latest version every time they restart Microsoft Project.

For each published project in Microsoft Project a Project Workspace can be created. A Project Workspace is a Microsoft SharePoint Teamsite where the Project team can share documents, issues and risks

CWO®  | Process Integration

 We aid you with:

  • Project, program and portfolio CWO® process integration and development with the tool, 
  • Onsite Server Deployment,
  • Cloud Implementation, 
  • Turn-Key Solutions, and/or
  • Server Administration.

MS Project Server® Features

MS Project Server® Fully Customizable

MS Project Server® is customizable for organization.  It will mature with as your organization matures.  

Schedule Reporting

Have all you Project Schedules, Resource Management and/or Cost Management integrated for Project, Program and Cost Reporting including Earned Value Management.

Display Real-Time Dashboards & Reports

MS Project Server® has Real-Time Dashboards and Reports for on-demand Project, Program and Portfolio Reporting.

Integrated Workflow

Integrated Workflow allows you to track Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Change Requests and/or other data directly through MS Project Server®.

SharePoint® Integration

Use SharePoint® Integration to create Project, Program and Portfolio sites, manage documents, knowledge management and other SharePoint® Activities.

What's New

What's the difference between MS Project 2016® from 2013?

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