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MS Project Server®

Microsoft extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project® with their Project Server® (MSPS) and Project Web App® (PWA). It allows for the centralization of Portfolio, Program and Project Management (PPPM) on an enterprise-wide software application platform.  The benefits of a MSPS implementation allows for the pull communication of real-time PPPM status, management and knowledge sharing.  It can be implemented locally to the enterprise or in the cloud. 


We at CWO®  will implement, integrate in to your PMO processes and train your staff.  Or we can implement a turnkey solution and tailor to your organizational needs.    

eLearning Platforms

An eLearning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

The term learning platform also includes the election learning environment (eLE).

eLearning platform is a framework of tools that work seamlessly together to deliver a student centric learning experience by unifying educational theory & practice, technology and content. Learning platforms can be described as the next generation of Virtual Learning Environments or Learning Management Systems used by businesses. CWO® eLearning Platform platform is Moodle® and we can add your organization in developing web based CourseParks for your different organizational and career path educational needs. 

Other Tools Implementations

CWO®  has successful planning and directing of activities that provide innovative information technology solutions in association management systems (AMS) communications, enterprise project management (EPM), customer relation’s management (CRM) solutions, value/supply-chain and knowledge management (KM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Data Interchange (EDI), and Web Portals.

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