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The Clikwise Organization, LLC was created in 2004 by Dedrick Smith, PhD, PMP dedicate to Project Management, Knowledge Management and Information Systems to need of firms around the world.  Clikwise uses a unique methodology for its approach to project management—namely an integrated organizational knowledge management policies and the PMI® PMBok® processes.   

CWO™ is located in the Denver, Colorado region in the United States of America.  We are a global corporation. Please contact us if you have more questions at the information below.


The Clikwise Organization is a Limited Liability Corporation Sole- Proprietorship.

Corporate Philosophy

Clikwise core belief is that in knowledge organizations—the true organizational assets are the people that make it up.   Each individual is the organization has an extensive and exclusive body of data, information, skills and knowledge of processes and of the culture that are valuable to the organization.   These are valuable assets that are critical and if they are developed and nurtured, which creates opportunities that the practice uses enhance is overall health; thus they are critical to the health of its operations.  Once lost costs the enterprise and it suffers.  Maintaining organization human assets allows organizations to flourish.

Managing Consultant

Dedrick A. Smith, PhD, PMP, APM, CSM

Dr. Dedrick Smith (The Project Management Geek) has a currently holds a PhD Organization and Management, specializing in Technology (Project Management, Knowledge Management, Collaborative Systems, and Virtual Project Teams), a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Technology Management, and a Bachelors in Information Technology.

Professionally, he has worked for notable organizations including the Veterans Healthcare Administration, Boeing, Candle Corporation, IBM, Northrop Grumman, Public Service of Colorado now Xcel Energy, UCLA, and for the United States and Colorado State Senates, as well as the US Air Force and successfully implementing all types of information systems projects. He has also worked as Director of Information Systems and Project for Absolute Solutions MIT Corporation out of Long Beach, California and now is the Managing Consultant for The Clikwise Organization an establishment that emphasizes Project Management through Knowledge Management.


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Helping You to Generate Value from Your Intellectual and Knowledge-Based Assets®

The Clikwise Organization's core belief is that in knowledge organizations—the chief organizational asset is the people who work within it. Each individual of the organization possesses an exclusive reservoir of data, information, skills, and experiences of processes and culture that are valuable to the corporation. These are critical assets that are tacit in nature but when they are nurtured and actively cultivated, create opportunities that facilitate channels for the practice codify these a

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