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Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Project Management

Organizations around the world are turning the practice of management by projects to lead day-to-day service delivery, change, and streamlining management processes.   The Clikwise Organization provides a wide range of project management consulting delivering excellence.  We provide consultancy advice and manage of projects which provide key projects processes to organization.  Clikwise helps organization to develop, identified, organize, and deploy PM processes that help firms create effective and efficient use resources.  

Our processes can help your firm develop your PMO, refine it, then mature it.  We help to identify not only human and financial capital, but knowledge capital.  By identifying your knowledge capital you can increase knowledge transfer and sharing helping your PMs and their teams deliver excellence in:  

  • Business Case Development and Review 
  • Change Management Consulting 
  • PMO Advice and Mentoring 
  • Program Management 
  • Project and Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Consulting 
  • Project Management Strategic Planning 
  • Specialized Technical Consulting
  • Virtual PMO Consulting and Development 

Our strengths lie in our entrepreneur thinking, our ability to make ideas happen, and in successfully partnering managing the development and implementation of our client's strategies.

Program Management

Getting optimization of project synergies through Program Management allows for the organization to have project cost reductions, resource optimization and managed project interdependence through process control not obtained when projects are managed independently. 

Many organizations practice project management as an ad hoc activity without having an eye on project interdependence. When there are cross-functional goals and objectives in projects, management ad hoc processes to place controls on these dependent projects in the short term; never maintaining synergies of control. Management selects a manager to lead these projects and loosely allow some employees such as project managers to participate in strategic activities. After the goals and/or objectives are met, the process collapse and the team dissolve; with typical feelings of disillusionment in anticipation of the next set of complex projects. 

This process may work well in for a time in static non-strategic thinking organizations but after a time there is staff turnover, projects abandonment and poor opportunity cost management. Program Management solves this problem by establishing formal processes and procedures that maintain these project management synergies. Program Management benefits realization planning is part of the Program management approach which aligns the interdependences between: 

  • Project objectives benefit realization;  
  • Alignment of Project and Program goals and objectives with organizational strategic vision, 
  • Centralized managed cost control therefore creating cost reductions, 
  • Increase efficiency of the management of resource demands for human and fixed assets,
  • An integrated approach to Project and Program deliverable scheduling, 
  • Management through Program and Project metrics and measurement, and 
  • Responsibility of delivery of the final products and services achievement of the intermediate and long term benefits.

CWO®  has created tools and/or works with MS Project Server to help your organization to develop its Program Management activities.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a combined system of technologies, methodologies, and processes to plan, develop, and execute organizational projects with greater efficiency and less errors than traditional approaches to Project Management.  CWO® processes, tools and techniques effectively adds a deeper layer of strategic management to you Project/Program  Management.  Let CWO® help you to implement this strategic layer for gather value add to project goals and objectives.   The benefits of CWO® Portfolio Management:

1. Setting Corporate Strategic Goals

CWO® PPM ensures that every employee understands the firms vision for the future creating engagement for future interaction.

2. More Insightful Strategic Decision Making

PPM that provides good visibility into project selection. It will help businesses to manage potential risks and cut off projects that lag behind, are not stratregically aligned and/or lack strategic integration.

3.  Significant Minimize Risk

Statistics show that 30% of projects fail solely because of an undefined risk.  Our PPM solution helps identify these risks in advance and reduce them to the minimum and integrating risk management from both the project and program management point-of-view.

4. Boosting Resources Optimization

Statistics show that businesses investing in PPM solutions have a significantly higher human asset performance rate.  CWO® changes the organizational culture to view your employees as Human Assets® thus creating ways that the enterprise can show value to their employees, reducing staff turnover and increasing staff commitment.

Project Management Office (PMO, ePMO, vPMO)

Project Management Office

Companies seeking more efficiency and tighter monitoring of IT projects are opening project management offices (PMO) in growing numbers. Here’s what a PMO should do, what types you should consider, and who really needs on one.

A project management office (PMO) is a group — internal or external to a company — that sets, maintains and ensures standards for project management across that organization. They’re the keepers of best practices, project status and direction — all in one spot.

According to PM Solutions research, 85 percent of companies had a PMO in 2016, up five percent from 2014. They also found that 30 percent of companies without a PMO plan to implement one.

The Role of PMO(s).

  • Provides tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits to the business
  • Aligns with corporate strategy and culture
  • Is agile enough to adapt as strategy shifts
  • Is a key enabler for the high-performing organization
  • Integrates data and information from corporate strategic projects/supports the balanced scorecard
  • Enables sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and techniques for project success across the enterprise
  • Identifies and develops project management methodology, best practices and standards
  • Coaches, mentors, trains and provides oversight for project managers and staff.

We have ready to implement and customization policies, procedures, templates, guidelines, governance models and training.

Enterprise PMOs (ePMO)


Enterprise PMOs (ePMO) allows the synergies of the process, procedures, guidelines, support, training, and governance to be standardized across the organization.  Although, business and IT (or other application area) may have different processes needed to be customized manage processes and templates, the overall centralization of the PMO insures that good and best practices are propagating throughout the firm.

Virtual PMO (vPMO)


The Virtual Project Management Office (vPMO) is organizational units that are managed by our experts through electronic services.  We create a virtual portal for your Project Management Team to interact.  

We can provide:


  • Process, Procedures, Guidelines and Templates
  • Tools (Software Tools)
  • Audits
  • Governance
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Good and Best Practices
  • and much more

Platforms - Supported

Information Systems

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

In industry, business has been organized and conducted in projects for a long time. Project management is regarded as one solution to the challenges of modern business world like accelerated product life cycles, customer-individual production and services, complex processes and high time and cost pressure. Although many project management tasks are supported by computer systems a lack of integration among the systems is obvious. There is a need of integration with respect to function and data exchange. The intention of this paper is to introduce a concept of an integrated project management information system (PMIS). The PMIS provides computer support for a composed set of project management functions and uniform data access. In addition, it contains three new components filling certain gaps in today’s support environment: a communication and progress control tool, a tool for building new project plans and a simulation tool for schedule analysis. 

MS Project Server Implementations and Administration

Microsoft extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project® with their Project Server® (MSPS) and Project Web App® (PWA). It allows for the centralization of Portfolio, Program and Project Management (PPPM) on an enterprise-wide software application platform.  The benefits of a MSPS implementation allows for the pull communication of real-time PPPM status, management and knowledge sharing.  It can be implemented locally to the enterprise or in the cloud.  

We aid you with:

  • Project, program and portfolio process integration and development with the tool, 
  • Onsite Server Deployment,
  • Cloud Implementation, 
  • Turn-Key Solutions, and/or
  • Server Administration.

Other Tools Implementations

CWO®  has successful planning and directing of activities that provide innovative information technology solutions in association management systems (AMS) communications, enterprise project management (EPM), customer relation’s management (CRM) solutions, value/supply-chain and knowledge management (KM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Data Interchange (EDI), and Web Portals.

Knowledge Management & Training - Services

Knowledge Management

Any KM solution requirement significant organizational change to maintain and further develop the concepts introduced.  Many members of the firm may be reluctant to give up control of their knowledge perceiving that they may lose control of information, finding the initiative a threat to their jobs, and/or fearing change. Removing them from their confront zone requires significant change management.  The Clikwise Organization provides support in helping organizational actors understand what the initiative is and how it will impact them in the future.  By doing so, we help actors to “what to move” in the direction seeing that their input is not only  wanted but their participation they help to identify themselves as a key Knowledge Actor. 

We work with your firm to determine which methodologies and technology you will need to implement your KM solutions.  This includes:

  • Identification of processes that support knowledge sharing and transfer
  • Educational opportunities that are needed to support your new methodologies and technologies
  • Implementation of your any IT or manual solutions 
  • Change Management to support the overall implementation


Corporate Training

Our Training is part of Knowledge Management; Project Management Offices, Information Technology, Virtual Offices, we specialize in:

Project Management Training,

  • IT Training,
  • Couching and Mentoring, and
  • much more..

eLearning Solutions

An eLearning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide teachers and employees and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

We at CWO® eLearning will help you develop a hosted eLearning platform.

Virtual Organization Management - Services

Virtual Organizations


If you haven’t considered using a remote team, you may be handicapping your business—it’s likely that your competitors are already taking advantage of its benefits. Fuel prices and long commutes are just two of the reasons that working remotely can improve both your employees’ income and your bottom line.

With a virtualized workplace, your overhead costs drop dramatically, your employees are almost always on time to work, and they may even need to take fewer sick days. Productivity will almost certainly increase, but only if you know how to manage your remote staff effectively.

Business Research Services


As business research consultants, research, decision support consultancy, we help our clients to develop a closer insight into emerging project management, knowledge management and team behavior.

We carry out surveys, analyze data, perform research, and conduct training.  Our philosophy derives from the word ‘Insight’ - the ability to delve deep into the requirements of our valued clients and thereafter address their unique needs.

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CWO® core belief is that in knowledge organizations—the chief organizational asset is the people who work within it. Each individual of the organization possesses an exclusive reservoir of data, information, skills, and experiences of processes and culture that are valuable to the corporation. These are critical assets that are tacit in nature but when they are nurtured and actively cultivated, create opportunities that facilitate channels for the practice codify knowledge.

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